Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Sunday Night's Extra-terrestrial Visitation

I had an extra-terrestrial visit on Sunday night and it turned out being very different from what the mass consciousness has projected and that includes alien abductions, government conspiracies and Hollywood movies.

For the last several years, I have felt and sensed that I was being visited by or going to be visited by aliens from another planet. You know, the little grey people popularized by our popular culture.  I saw them in my imagination, in my dreams and sometimes while meditating. My expectation was that they would arrive in my home, with physical bodies and either sit and talk with me or drag me up to their mothership, kicking and screaming.

Imagine then, my surprise when on Sunday night, I was awoken, in the middle of a pitch black night, by a very loud, high pitched sound in my bedroom accompanied by a blue colored radiance lighting up the entire room. There I was, fast asleep when the high pitched note started ringing. I felt some annoyance as I thought it was a car alarm right outside my house. As I opened my eyes, I realized it wasn't a car alarm, nor was it tinnitus, which I don't suffer from. Lifting my head from the pillow, I opened both eyes, glanced around the room and noticed that my bedroom was bathed in a blue light as the high-pitched sound continued. I was not afraid at all, just curious. I waited to see if there would be a communiqué but nothing was said. Back to sleep I went with an open-ended query in my mind about just what it was that had been in my room.

I woke up the next morning with the question still on my mind.

After contemplating this happening and using my intuition to sort this out, I called a trusted ally who has very strong intuitive powers and shared some of my thoughts with him on what this event could have been while also asking him to use his feel/know.

With his help, we concluded that this was an extra-terrestrial visitation from the planet Sirius as they tend to present themselves as a blue light frequency with a very loud, high-pitched vibration, that is, their form is sound and light, not physicality. Sirians do not vibrate on a physical level. They have gone beyond that and since I am really composed of sound and light, that's what they see when the communicate with me. They wanted me to know they are already here and we're making their presence known.

What I determined is that this will continue to occur with some frequency and is the precursor to extra-terrestrial landings on our planet. This is not an "invasion" but a coming together to bring humans into the Galactic Federation and confirm that our destiny, our path as a race is one of love and light, not apocalypse as many of the religions continue to believe and predict.

Again, no doomsday scenario. We are on a collision course with higher consciousness, love, light and healing. Stock your shelves with that.

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