Sunday, April 3, 2016

Spiritual Is Not What You Think

We hear much talked about, promoted, written about, discussed and taught about Spirituality. From my experience, we have been made to think that being Spiritual and Spirituality is about ritual, crystals, mantras, meditation, prayer and on and on. These things are not Spiritual or Spirituality.

You cannot think about being Spiritual. Spirituality is not a mind game. It is a connection game. It is, from my experience, a connection to the Creative Source Infinite Intelligence that is experienced by connecting through your soul that is you, that is in you, that expresses you right here, right now. No seeking is required. All you have to do to be Spiritual is to allow your connection with your soul.

How do you do this? First of all, your soul is with you right now. You have ignored its whispering through distracting yourself with all the outer manifestations from Money and TV to the Internet and gossip. Your soul will talk to you if you allow it. To allow your soul to talk to you, you must be silent, you must be at peace, you must be calm and you must listen. Your soul speaks to you through feeling, through urges, through hunches, through synchronicities, through intuition. Sit in your living room and do nothing but simply ask your soul to speak to you. It will. Take a walk in nature and be aware of the images and feelings you have. This is your soul speaking to you. Do not think. Feel. See.

Spirituality is not grandiose, it is simple, clear and potent.

Connect to your soul. That is true Spirituality and it can be found at your kitchen table, in your car or wherever you are for Spirit is always there with you. You have just shut it out with all the noise of your modern, technological living. I am not talking religion or religious here. I am talking Spiritual which is a natural part of who we are as humans. You don't have to attain anything to be with Spirit.

Remember that Spirit is a positive force, a positive aspect. Your soul will never direct you to do harm to yourself or others. If you are hearing voices telling you to harm, that is NOT your soul, that is NOT spiritual. That is persona/psyche/ego of the lowest nature. So, when you see killing in the name of ANY religion, know that is egotistical, not Spiritual.

Spiritual is NOT what you is what you are!!!

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