Monday, April 18, 2016

Shamans Develop Multidimensional Awareness

I am a shaman. I trade in multidimensional awareness. What does this mean and why is it important? The most important meaning is that I have expanded awareness and can perceive the higher dimensions, live in the higher dimensions, am from the higher dimensions and am not trapped in dimensions one through three which are the lower, beginning dimensions of our Earthly realm. When I say trapped, what I mean is that I have conquered my physical, mental and emotional levels of a lower nature as in my appetites don't rule me.

 I operate from the eighth and ninth dimensions and this is important because humanity is now in the fourth dimension and is being asked to move to the fifth dimension and my presence here is to help you understand that, like me, you can operate out of the eighth dimension which means having the awareness and experience of being unlimited, being quantum. My presence here is telling you that you ARE multidimensional beings and you exist on many consciousness levels beyond this Earthly one.

This is to encourage you to accept that you can function multidimensionally and you already are since this is built into your human complex. This is what the chakras are about and for. They are vortices of multidimensional consciousness that allows the human soul to touch, perceive and navigate between nature, the physical and Spirit.

Let me give you an example. When you experience things in your life flowing, you are experiencing the fourth dimension or consciousness. This sense of flow is not a characteristic of the third dimension which is a dimension of magnification. When you are in flow, you are in another dimension and most don't have the awareness that this is a real state or place. Most take it for granted or dismiss it as something real and functional..

Our nature is multidimensional. It is time to access this ability in yourself as the Earth has shifted and you will be left behind if you don't shift with it. Shifting is easy since your are already multidimensional by nature.

Start by paying attention to what is happening inside you. That's the very first step onto your own wisdom path.

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