Saturday, April 30, 2016

Proof That We Are Multidimensional Beings

Many of my human neighbors live in a confined reality constrained by their five sense perceptions. These perceptions, while real and valid, only identify a very narrow band-width of consciousness that is the lowest of vibrating realities when our human complex is vastly so much more. Many believe in scientific limitations seeing the body as just flesh and no more. I am afraid that this is an erroneous perception and therefore, conclusion.

When you look at, study and truly understand what the human chakra system, the human energy system that also includes the meridians and Nadis, the nervous system is as Dr. Timothy Leary so fascinatingly did in his eight-circuit model of consciousness that uses the reality of our chakra energy centers as the basis for his descriptions, you will see that his perceptions teach us that our souls are multidimensional.

Humans are multidimensional beings and not simply lumps of flesh walking around the planet. We exist in more dimensions than just this physical one and we see this through the "brains" or chakras or circuits or energy vortices or whatever you wish to call them that can perceive beyond this physical level to what I'll call a quantum level. What do you think the mind, emotions, soul and Spirit are? These are quantum realities that go beyond our physical limitations. They are living proof that we are multidimensional beings. The mind is not in the brain. The brain is simply a very complex receiving station. We are so caught up in, so mesmerized by our sensate, physical reality that we don't pay attention to the obvious: there is a multidimensionality to us that we ignore out of either ignorance or fear. We willfully say that we do not want to look at this when we ARE this.

You must look at this. It is real and it is you. To allow outside forces to diminish who you really are and your true Cosmic capabilities is the biggest of human misunderstandings, is a tragic state of affairs.

I have allowed myself my multidimensionality. I trade in the domains of my multi-level soul. I know that these dimensions that are beyond the physical are as real or more real than this sensual one. I am not fooled by my physical reality. I have mastered it so that I can now explore my quantum nature and use it to touch the face of God. Exciting it is.

You were given a complex, multifaceted organism in which to operate. Why close your eyes and look the other way and believe it's not happening? When you deny who and what you really are, that's called a bum trip!

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