Wednesday, April 6, 2016

My Way Or The Highway Religionists

A dear and loving, long-time friend of mine, who is a devout Christian, said to me at a lunch a couple of weeks ago, (paraphrasing) "John, my husband and I love you, we really love you but your not believing in Jesus Christ as your savior is problematic for us. Why don't you come to our church?" We love you BUT... What could I say to this? I simply looked at her and thanked her but was taken aback at her revealing what she truly felt about me, her friend, who she knows believes in God as devoutly as she does but just not in her WAY! Now, I did appreciate her honesty and concern for me and yet again, it exemplified a "my way or the highway" conviction amongst Evangelical Christians. My friend loves me but with some conditions. This is called conditional love. Not the kind of love Christ taught. If you don't believe in the WAY that Evangelical Christians connect with God, if you are not "saved" by going through Jesus Christ, you are either an atheist or an agnostic!!!! Is that really true?

I refute and reject this Evangelical Christiian notion that if I'm not like them, I'm blasphemous or soulless or Godless or not saved or simply, as I like to phrase it, not in their club. They simply cannot accept that there are OTHER WAYS of believing in, in experiencing God and we that DON'T FOLLOW THEIR WAY are not heathens and are not lost...just the opposite is true as there are a myriad of ways of knowing God,  not just ONE WAY.

The Evangelical Christians and other religions like theirs, claim that if my WAY of knowing God is NOT THEIR WAY, I am involved in a FALSE RELIGION. They call all other religions false.

To me, this is the biggest Spiritual trap in that it is based on ego. The Evangelical Christians are trapped in Maya, trapped in glamour, trapped in ego and a lower vibrating thought construct. They justify the murder of gynecologists at clinics that perform abortions by pointing at words in a book called the Bible saying it's OK to kill when their Ten Commandments state "Thou Shalt Not Kill." What hypocrites!!!! They justify going to war in the Middle East saying "God is on our side" as President George W. Bush ( a born again Christian) did before he sent troops to murder thousands of innocent Iraqis!!!

These hypocritical religionists are a "my way or the highway" people. I lovingly reject this ideology. I reject their rationale for murder and hypocracy.

No matter what one says to these Evangelical Christians, they will deny their murderous and judgemental ways. They simply point to YOU and say, "blasphemer" and that, my friends, is the definition of judgement!!!!!!!

All of humanity is given the free will choice of how they connect to God, to Spirit. I never would have told my friend or anyone else to believe what I believe in my way of perceiving God. That is why I call this blog, "STEP ONTO YOUR OWN WISDOM PATH. It is up to YOU to follow the path right for you in how you believe in God. I am simply sharing ideas about Spirit that resonate with me. I am not asking you to believe in anything.

Whether you accept or reject the ideas in my blogs is up to you. You are welcome here no matter your belief system is and you are NOT WRONG no matter your belief system.

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