Thursday, April 21, 2016

Must We Suffer?

The age old question that we humans ask is "must we suffer?" The answer, from my perception is, not really!

I don't see suffering as morally superior. From my experience and through the experiences of others, I have discovered that suffering is often an imagined reason for suffering rather than what is actually happening in the now experience. Many of you will say, wait a minute, suffering is real...where's your compassion!

In my realm, having what you desire, including the end of your suffering is not a "maybe," it is a given!

Perhaps you say, maybe you can't relate to suffering because you haven't suffered or are not suffering.  I have suffered, for sure and can tell you that many times in my suffering, it was my belief of suffering that made my suffering worse. I wore my suffering as a badge of honor or I wore it on my sleeve. What an ego!

Do you have to be a "starving" artist? Do you have to suffer because you are "spiritual"? Do you have to take on suffering because you are paying off some karma? Do you have to have bad health because you are an elderly person?

Whether you see this or not, I am of the awareness that these sufferings are self-inflicted and are not conditions of some dues you a paying for rewards in the afterlife!!! My seeing is that we are not here to suffer. We are here to expand our soul's awareness. We taken on the conditions of illness to experience what it's like in order to learn specific lessons from it on a soul level. This is not fun or easy for our human nature to endure. When I see someone with an illness, I say, what an honor to be in your presence that you have taken on this learning, this condition. You have great courage to endure this for your soul's expanding awareness. May grace be with you that you may bear this illness with equanimity.

Now, I didn't say this consciousness is easy. It's a toughie!

All I can say is, you are here to learn, so learn and move on from your suffering to suffer no more. Suffer no more!!!!!

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