Friday, April 29, 2016

I Am Not Spiritual. I Am Spirit.

Being Spiritual is being an effect. Being Spirit is being a cause. I am not an effect, I am a cause. I don't know about being Spiritual. I know that I am Spirit and have intentionally manifested as the organic being that I am to engage with the format of Nature in order to explore and express my growing consciousness.

My consciousness is not a single focus, it is multidimensional and therefore I am experiencing many dimensions at the same time and that is not Spiritual, it is the nature of Spirit. All the 3 D belief systems that try to create a weirdness about Spirit by creating all these so-called Spiritual beliefs are just distortions. Spiritual beliefs are just the mind interfering with Spirit.

To be Spiritual just be Spirit.

How do you be Spirit?

Let go of your distorted beliefs that separate you from others. Accept that you are Spirit in form. Stop worshipping the messenger and begin to understand the message.  Follow the message. The message is the teacher. The message is that your essential nature is Spirit and that you are an everlasting being. There is no death. There is no physical. Your experience here on Earth is an experience of slowed down Spirit. Look in the mirror and you will see God. Yes, it is YOU!!!

Wake up and know that YOU are God in form. Do not let others shame you by calling you blasphemer. That is a distortion.

You are Spirit. Being Spiritual is a belief system, something of the mind and is not a lasting idea. That you are Spirit is the truth.

Connect with the Spirit that is already in you and all around you. THAT is Spiritual. Being Spirit is Spiritual.

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