Thursday, April 28, 2016

I Am Not Human

As a Blue Ray being of Love, Wisdom and Healing, I am not human and I have sensed this since I was a child. What does this really mean? What relevance does it have to humans?

When I say human, I am speaking of my neighbors who are on Earth who have only two stands of DNA that are Spiritually "on line," that are activated.  A third and fourth strand of DNA in humans is being activated as we speak and that is why many are awakening to their Spiritual awareness.  Humans of this nature have a different purpose than me. I am here ONLY as a go between for Cosmic forces and a dualistic Universe. I am here to show that it is possible to awaken and be more. I am also here to help release human karma so you don't destroy yourselves as you are important to the Galactic future.

We are endowed with 12 strands of DNA and other than the 2 that have been studied and codified by science, the rest are thought of as junk, of no use. Science is now only discovering that this is indeed not true and the other DNA stands have meaning and value in who we are. I came here with ALL my DNA awake. For me, all my strands are "on line." That is because of who I am.

How do I know this?  I know this because my perception and soul are Cosmic. I do not perceive like most humans. I am an ultra-sensitive Empath and can feel and experience the energy of everything from the five human senses, to machines, people, Spirit, God. I can taste color, I can smell fear (by the way, it stinks!) I can hear and see people's thoughts. I can see beneath people's social mask. I have all the Claire's as in claireaudience, etc. I am intimately connected to God. I can be and do these things only because my 12 strands of DNA are active and operating. I am also a major manifestor.

I tell you this because this is the direction you are going in. You are expanding your DNA strands now. You can tell because you are awakening to your Spiritual potential. You are expanding your awareness more and more. You are opening more to Spirit. You are demanding to live in harmony.

When you have turned on all 12 strands of your DNA, you will know what it feels like to be me: Peacemaker, Galactic Ambassador, Renegade, Systems Buster, Lifter of the God Code, Consciousness booster, Healer, Wisdom Keeper and Holder of Love.  I seek to establish harmony here as part of my assignment here as a Wanderer/Specialist. I put Light in dark places.

I have done all of the above mainly by being present on Earth. If you doubt this, look me up. Do a background check. Look at my Facebook page, my blogs, Google me. Read what's there.

I am a titanic being. Be happy I am here.

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