Wednesday, April 20, 2016

I Am Having A Soulful Experience

All of my life, I have felt, perceived, experienced and led with my soul and it put me in a different perspective of life from many because I discovered that many were living their lives on a persona/psyche/ego basis and were disconnected from their soul. I discovered this at a young age because I was unknowingly, at the time, connecting with people's souls and I could see beneath the persona mask they wore. I became aware that I am a person of connection.

I realized that the persona/psyche/ego is serving the soul and that the persona/psyche/ego's desires, intentions and thoughts are the soul's way of attracting to itself the objects of its desires, intentions and thoughts, thereby creating its personal reality or Earthly experience. The soul, I discovered, through the psyche's subconscious mechanism, drives the reality we live in and sense as "I." I delved into my subconscious mind and began a life-long relationship with its mystical workings and arrived at my authentic self.

When you connect with your soul, you are allowing the higher aspects of your persona/psyche/ego to come forth in more purified or higher vibrating desires, intentions and thoughts. What this means is that you will create a personal reality that matches your soul's vibration and you will choose to live free of comparing, competing, judgements, anger, worrying, guilt, regrets, blame and fear.

Please understand that we are all here to experience life as a manifested human being and that comes with an operating system of ups and downs so I am not proposing one be immune to the realities of our physical existence. I am suggesting connecting with your authentic self to help make this human experience more intentional where your focus is not fear, where you don't put too much focus on the negative, rejecting the abundance and happiness that is your birthright.

Being soulful to me is a form of self-allowance, of self-love where you become the strongest energy in the room exuding courage, conviction and confidence becoming and being what I call a deliberate co-creator of your reality.

I have had and am still having a deep, soulful experience, tempered by my compassion, love and understanding, not only for myself but for the many who are on a different path where they are still in the throes of paradoxical intent.

I encourage all who read this to consider moving from focus (over-focus on a thing rejects that thing. Remember that the flip side of focus is fear) to allowance where you realize the Law of Entrainment: the synchrony of stronger frequencies dominating.

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