Sunday, April 17, 2016

How To Be In Spirit's Presence

As I continue on my path with knowing and connecting with Spirit; I have learned a few ways that have opened the door to be in Spirit's presence. As I experience these states of being, I find my connection with Spirit to be easy. So, to be in God's presence, consider these practices:

1. Use prayer, meditation and intention. It is in the silence between thoughts where God is waiting. It is in the use of your implicit intent where you use the Creative mechanism of God.

2. Be honest, be truthful and use the highest integrity. Purity of intent is the state in which Spirit comes to you.

3. Don't magnify challenges in your life by going to the place of pity. Accepting the consequences of your actions with grace and learning from your choices and not holding onto self-pity and victimhood is one of the highest states of Spiritual awareness.

4. Surrender, allow, go with the flow and watch synchronicity. You surrender to the reality that you ARE Spirit and that YOU are the synchronicities that occur in your life. You make the flow happen and then you are the flow.

Spirit is always there, waiting for you to engage with it. God's presence is ever close to you and is waiting for you to open the door to meet it on the other side.

This is the biggest fear: to open the door, knowing God is on the other side and having the self-worth and courage to be in God's presence. When you face God, no matter what, always think about remaining happy!

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