Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Energy Follows Thought

All humans are energy beings, energy constructs and the organizing principle of energy is thought. What your dominant thoughts are defines your life. If your thoughts are of a low vibratory level, that is, you practice negative thinking of victimhood, fear, anger, hate, resentment, frustration, envy, jealousy, intolerance, judgement, you call the same energetic structure of these thoughts into your life to manifest as feelings, situations, people, lifestyle and physical conditions...mostly sickness. If your thoughts are of a positive nature, you call to yourself the higher vibrational frequencies of Love, happiness, compassion, kindness, peace, wisdom, great abundance, healing and health. Like attracts like.

Healing only occurs when you change your mind for the better.

What energies you put out there surely come back to you in every way. Therefore, the way to work with energy, the way to redirect, to change your life, the people in it, your circumstances, is to change your thinking. This goes for people, groups, religions, corporations, politicians, cities and countries. Nothing is immune to being what it is-energy!

We have forgotten this principle and use our thoughts and words recklessly. We take thought and words for granted as if there is no power in them when they are the mightiest tools we have to manifest whatever we will in our lives. Thoughts are things, powerful things.

Every sacred text speaks of this principle yet the people of Earth ignore this precious wisdom.

Watch your words and thoughts if you are interested in being in control of your manifestations including your physical health, the people in your life, your current situations and your level of abundance, your level of energy and health. Make the determination to be in charge of your own energy system and stop giving up your energy to that which is negative and false. You are the master of your energy, not someone or something else. You are responsible for your energy system.

Begin to honor who and what you are as a complex energy being that can control everything with your thoughts and I mean everything: the weather, the sun, the moon, the earth, the stars, people, animals, microbes, machines and on and on.

This is who you are Creator!!!!

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