Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Don't Be Confused About Gratitude

Don't be confused about the nature of gratitude, what it's for, how and why to use it. There is much written about gratitude and I see much of it expressed as ideation.

My discovery in being grateful is that it is not a concept. It is an action. For example, as I receive the sustainance of the Creative Source Infinite Intelligence, in whatever form from money and food to love and health, I treat these gifts with mindfulness, respect and happiness. I eat the food that comes to me with joy, happiness and wisdom, not abusing the food, the sustainance by being gluttonous or abusive of the food by overeating or eating too much of the wrong thing. I walk a path of mindfulness. I appreciate the money I have and my actions show this.

What happens as a result of this is that I am given more to be grateful for. I am never without. It sometimes surprises me. In the end, being grateful is about doing grateful. You cannot say you are grateful without handling your gifts with respect and appreciation. It's not just a feeling, it's a behaving, it's a doing.

This is the way the Universe works. It provides more of what you show you are grateful for. You must demonstrate it, not just talk it. Don't follow the messenger, follow the message. Being truly Spiritual is using your sustainance with mindfulness. For example, when you are mindful of the money you have, you don't think about scarcity or lack, you don't get greedy, you don't covet the money, you are not jealous of others who have more of it than you. You use your money wisely. You pay your bills, your creditors first, then you use it for discretionary things.

When you live this way, that is, showing gratitude in everything you do, the Universe becomes like a cornucopia of riches that it showers on you.

Do not fear this. Open your consciousness to the true nature of the abundance of the Universe and that you are an integral part of it. Be grateful, be gracious, accept your state of grace.

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