Friday, April 22, 2016

Do Not Fear Healing

Humans are slowed down Spirit that is in an actionable format of physicality in order to connect with and play in the sandbox of nature. In its essence, our reality is really not physical in the way we perceive it with our five senses. We are Spirit, stardust vibrating at a lower reality frequency of thought that has the power to manifest and heal itself instantaneously. We are a level of consciousness imbued with intent that can create form. We create ourselves. The only block, what is stopping most people from instant manifestation of their deisires, their dreams, to completely heal, is fear.

Where does this fear come from? From my perspective, it is an over-identification with that part of us that is labeled persona/psyche/ego. While this aspect of our nature is vital to our navigating in and existing in this lower vibrating level of consciousness called the 3rd dimension, it does not have to dominate our reality and hold us back by fearing who we truly are and how powerful we really are in the aspect of being able to instantly manifest and heal ourselves and others from within and from using nature.

A lot of this fear comes from fearing breaking out of the conditioning and belief systems that prevail in the mass consciousness that have made us believe we are nothing but a lump of clay and deserve nothing. The truth is just the opposite: we are beings who are Spirit, not just a lump of clay and therefore we are sacred beings. We also deserve everything we desire. High self-worth is our inheritance. Abundance and health are our natural birthrights and we can create abundance and healing in and for ourselves and others as the dominant state of our existence and not feel isolated or that we are strange, evil, weird, etc. because we can create, we can manifest and heal instantly.

The above information is a secret being hidden by the elites of mass consciousness from society because there is money and power in lack consciousness and sickness in the masses. Big pharma and the health industry including doctors, insurance companies and hospitals are a multi-billion dollar industry predicated on keeping the masses sick in order to make money. They know we can self-heal. They know that natural remedies including preventive medicine and that state of our minds is far superior to their expensive treatments.

I am not rejecting western medicine as I use their modalities but I also use other healing modalities. I am arguing for taking control of one's healing starting from oneself. You are not powerless. The power doesn't totally lie in the medicine and medical treatments to heal you, it also, in larger part, comes from your willingness to stop fearing healing yourself.

Human, heal thyself.

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