Thursday, April 14, 2016


Both/and equals complimentarity. For example, when you understand that Quantum physics has discovered that everything in reality is behaving BOTH as a wave and energy packets and quanta or particles YOU ARE SEEING COMPLIMENTARITY IN OPERATION. Life is both/and waves and particles of light energy and our observation of these realities changes them.

Let's look at what humans perceive as evil. In complimentarity, evil is not the opposite of God/Goddess but resistance to the God/Goddess force. Good and evil are apparent opposites that compliment each other.

In this perception, opposites do not attract, they compliment. What is the force behind this? It is the force of Unity consciousness, the Oneness of Spirit in which the wholeness of a thing contains BOTH/AND its Light AND Shadow aspect, it's good and bad sides because each compliment is simply its so-called opposite in a different reflection of itself. This is the idea of something being on different sides of the SAME coin.This is at the essence of the concept of Yin and Yang. Everything in this Universe contains Yin and Yang. They are not opposites, they are compliments. That's why the Yin/yang symbol was designed the way it was, to show this.

When you look at life in general, you will see complimentarity playing out on all levels. When you look at male and female, these are not opposites, these are compliments. They form a wholeness together and also remain sovereign, apart. It is the force of wholeness that makes them attract. They are behaving both/and. Within each male are female aspects and vice versa.

Nothing is in opposition. It is in apparent opposition because it is acting both/and. It can be a wave and a particle at the same time based on our perception.

When you are in body, you are behaving as particles. When you are out of body, that is, when you no longer have a body or consciously leave your body, you are behaving as a wave. The human experience is the coming to terms with this WHILE WE ARE IN FORM. We are human and Spirit at the same time. We don't have to die and go to so-called heaven to experience Spirit, to be Spirit. Our physicality contains Spirit for we are both/and physical, Spirit. One compliments the other.

I Am both/and.

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