Saturday, April 9, 2016

All Disease Comes From The Mind

"The body speaks the mind." What is held in the mind and thus the emotions, does find its way into physical manifestation. Every disease has its roots, it's antecedents in the consistent thoughts of fear, worry, hate, frustration, resentment, anger, envy, jealousy and anxiety.

What you carry in your subconscious mind of a negative nature, if not released, congeals into physical symptoms as a message from your soul alerting you to the potential danger of your current thoughts, emotions and lifestyle and to make necessary changes unless you want to end up with cancer, diabetes, lupus, shingles, Parkinson's and a whole host of diseases.

I know you think that it's all hereditary and you resign yourself to "getting" what your family got. DNA you say, genes!!! Not true in that you can change the course of your hereditary story by changing your mental and emotional outlook and doing better things for your body than your ancestors did. YOU CAN CHANGE THE COURSE OF YOUR HISTORY through work with your thoughts and feelings. Our cells are partly our memories in physical form, carrying messages forward from our ancestors. In order to not "get" their cancer, etc., we have to break the mental agreement carried in our genes. Yes, our genes carry the encoded information of our ancestors' experiences handed down to us. The good news is that we can break the chain of their disease by mentally working with our subconscious, our soul and simply changing the agreement they made and that we are carrying on.

Again, it's a mind thing. It's a choice thing where certain choices bring certain consequences and we can and must forgive these choices in ourselves and our ancestors and release the emotional baggage of these choices once and for all to reclaim our health, to reclaim our sovereignty.

Let me share with you the first step you can take back to health: delve into the thinking and feeling antecedents that led up to you having a sickness, a disease if you have one or more health issues and immediately begin reversing those thoughts to more positive ones. The sickness you have could be from ancestors from many generations ago and may not be readily apparent to you or your thoughts and feelings may be deeply buried in your subconscious and not easily accessible at this point. Make a decision to work on this and to do so unflaggingly. Read the book, "Your Body Speaks Your Mind" as a starting point in understanding what thoughts and emotions cause what diseases.

Read this book no matter how doubtful you are about what I am sharing here.

It is time to take responsibility for you choices, both mentally and emotionally and to be willing to become the captain of your own ship.

I know about this because I have been studying it for 40 years and am using it on myself. I continue to do so. It works. It's not always easy but it will open up awarenesses to you of things you thought were impossible, like healing yourself and this is no slight on Western doctors as I have a primary care physician myself and get regular wellness checkups.

Find the healer within yourself as a complimentary modality to whatever health care that has healed you.

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