Saturday, March 12, 2016

Which Level Of Reality Are You On?

Here are eight levels of reality. Which level of reality do you live, do you experience, that you are on?:

1. Manasic-joy, rapture.

2. Buddhic-happiness, bliss.

3. Atmic-equanimity.

4. Monadic-sphere of boundless space-5th aspect.

5. Monadic-sphere of boundless consciousness-6th aspect.

6. Logoic-7th Jhana-sphere of no thingness.

7. Logoic-8th Jhana-sphere of neither perception nor non-perception.

8. Logoic-9th-pure universal identity.

You could say these levels of reality are experiences, dimensions, states of being, levels of consciousness that are within all humans and are attainable by both exploring your inner spiritual landscape through meditation, right living and practicing the enhancement of your Light quotient. As your Light quotient increases, you attain these levels of reality.

Where are you on this continuum? I believe it is vital, critical for you to find out.

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