Wednesday, March 9, 2016

What It Really Means To Be Human

So many proponents of spirituality say that the human experience is an illusion. Yes, I understand that who and what we really are is Spirit and identifying totally with our physical dimension is going off the path. We are much more than a human physical body!

From my experience, physicality IS spiritual. We are slowed down Spirit and to degrade or dismiss our physical experience is to cut off a part of our wholeness as beings having a third density experience. This is not hedonistic, this is not promoting debauchery. This wisdom of a happy human experience is moderation in all things.

The key to a richness of Spirit is to embrace our physical human experience as just as sacred as the experience of soul, of Spirit. It is not for nothing that we become physical. To me, I am already in heaven in my physical existence because I see the unity in being both physical and spiritual AT THE SAME TIME. I DO NOT JUDGE MY PHYSICAL SELF. IT IS A PART OF MY SOUL.

What it really means to be human is to learn and to actuate that the physical, human experience is a densified mirror of the spiritual aspects of which we are a part. THERE IS NO SEPARATION. That's the true illusion: that we are separate from our spirituality as if it's "over there" and not "in here."

This is the problem with all the major religions. They inculcate that Spirit is for later when you get to heaven, nirvana, enlightened, 22 virgins and on and on. I experience that heaven and spirit is for NOW and that is the point of the human experience: to feel, to sense, to know the exquisite joy of being in body and knowing that you are Spirit in form. You don't have to die to be have to live to be Spirit. You have to embrace the sweetness of your physical nature with a mindfulness that allows you to savor the sacred that is you as human.

Any other thoughts you have are the real illusion. So, may I suggest you enjoy being human. Have fun being human. Now THAT is spiritual.

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