Sunday, March 20, 2016

What Is Your Job Being Human?

Many are beginning to question their purpose here on Earth and because of this inquiry, many are awakening to the real reason they have incarnated here as human.

As one who is awakened to a degree, I have gained some awareness of why we are here on Earth in human form. This is my perception, not my opinion.

I will begin my explanation by asserting that Spirit, God, The Creative Source Infinite Intelligence, The Universe or whatever you have named Spirit has the intent of expanding its own awareness of Self through the Creation it has engendered.

This creation includes Spirit AND Nature. Spirit projects what I call a stepped down version of itself in soul and soul projects a holographic interface called a human being replete with persona/psyche/ego (physicality) and an inherent multidimensionality that then interfaces with a format called Nature. We, as human beings, are BOTH Spiritual AND Nature at the same time and we are an interface between them!

What is our goal in being this so-called holographic interface? In my experience, It is to have the realization and experience THAT WE ARE BOTH SPIRIT AND NATURE AT THE SAME TIME DESIRING TO EXPAND OUR AWARENESS FROM WHAT WE LEARN IN THE PROCESS OF BEING HUMAN. Whatever lesson(s), clearing of karma, service that we are doing, realizing and experiencing is only for expansion of our Spiritual awareness. Spirit continues its journey to expand its awareness of itself through us.

This Spiritual growth as a human is your job, is why you have incarnated here. While you may have a specific "mission" here, you are still gaining awareness no matter who and what you are so long as you are a holographic interface known as a human being.

We are slowed down Spirit. We are SPIRIT having a HUMAN EXPERIENCE!!! Our job here is to touch Nature and allow what it reveals to us to inform us on a soul and Spirit level. Nature teaches us.

Here is the awareness I mean: "In teaching my child about a tree, I don't tell her this is a tree. I tell her that I call this a tree."

When you live as a human being on the level of awareness explained above, magic happens.

Go be magic!

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