Sunday, March 6, 2016

A Blue Ray Being Invitation

Many Blue Ray beings/purpose are here in body on Earth. You may be wondering, why are we extraterrestrials here? What are you beings doing here in body from so far away? How can you be here from such a distant Light realm? How is it that you look human like us?

Perhaps I can best share with you why we beings have been born in human form on Earth since I am one.

What we really are: Blue Ray beings are essentially conscious Angelic Humans (as opposed to humans who are Angelic and not aware of that), you can also call us Light Bearers, Wayshowers, Wanderers, Wisdom Keepers and Gate Keepers that are a soul infusion presence, a higher will and liberation. We are here from distant Universes/planets and Light realms ( Light realms are states of consciousness/dimensions that Blue Rays exist in as many of us in our original states don't live on planets) to cause the human race's awakening to higher frequencies and move to the service of the Light. We must be born as humans because it is the only way for us to have what I call actionable presence. It is our presence that is needed here since it is through our presence that we can transmit our Light frequency, the frequency of Love and Wisdom that is helping the planet.

My Blue Ray Being soul purpose: to be in service in Love, Light, Wisdom, Healing and Truth for the Ascension and evolution of the new Earth and it's people's.

The path and purpose, collectively, of the Blue Being is as a Star Being ambassador, liaison of higher fields of dimensions.

I, as a Blue Ray being, am part of the 10:10 new Earth Stargate which means a full cycle is complete and I have already stepped into a new life frequency.

I am, as a Blue Ray being of Love and Wisdom, a New Earth architect and on these pages, I invite you into the new life frequency of Earth that is here and waiting for your full emersion.

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