Saturday, March 5, 2016

The Game of Life

From Native American contrary porcupine medicine: "You cannot win the game of life if you are too serious. This too serious attitude toward life is many times the result of some area of your life where you may be feeling hurt or afraid of trusting again. Overcome the hard blow of this lesson with joy. Are you willing to trust yourself? You may be forcing yourself to be vulnerable so that you can regain your hope. Perhaps, like porcupine, you need to roll over to get your tummy patted. This position could therefore indicate that you are ready to accept a little love from others."

The game of life is a balancing act of delicate proportions. To play and enjoy the game of life, one must be aware of when one is out of or in balance. This is a key to lasting happiness. It's OK to be serious but not to the detriment of laughing at your lessons, laughing at your shadow side, laughing at your demons.

Being in joy (enjoy) is the secret to life long happiness that many miss. When you are a joyful person, the serous moments that must come, lose their sting. Your joyful perspective allows you to not take things so serious all the time.

A broken heart can be mended and when you have this awareness, the perspective that the heart is resilient, you are not afraid to enter into all kinds of experiences with an openness.

Winning in the game of life is about finding and then being content, fulfilled and happy. It's not a continuous lifelong search for these things, it's being them and you can't be them if you're constricted.

Constriction, seriousness is like a circle you surround yourself that you can't get out of. Love and joy have circles that radiate and keep rippling through eternity and you are never boxed in.

It is time to let go of your seriousness and approach healing-acceptance, forgiveness and restitution.

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