Tuesday, March 15, 2016

The Blue Ray Being Is Home

I, as a Blue Ray Being, am not looking to go home, go to heaven, go to Jesus, Allah, some realm, some guru because I have already brought home with me as I am home here on this planet in my Blue Ray vibrations. I am in my Blue Ray consciousness and THAT is my home. Wherever I go in the Cosmos, I am home even when the place I agree to assist in is very foreign to me, like planet Earth.

I am a Blue Ray Being and I NEVER LEAVE HOME WITHOUT MY BLUE RAY BEINGNESS even though I come into human format on a sphere of great 3 dimensional density.

Everyone of us is having a Spiritual experience as expressed by their soul as a hologram interface between organic Spirit and physical nature. This Spiritual essence is YOUR home, your heaven, your guru. You are already home as I am in whatever vibratory level of existence you are in. YOU TOO ARE HOME. everything that you are is WITH you. Your role is that of expanding your awareness because knowing is not stagnant. You can always know more about a subject. There is NO FINAL KNOWING. KNOWING IS A CONTINUUM AND IT IS INFINITE. If you say you know everything on a subject, look again. You can know more and that is why we are here in this life: to know more while we have a Spiritual experience as an expression of our soul. Our soul is us and that is home.

You have a soul. You are in that soul. You are home. There is nowhere to go but within your soul.

The Blue Ray Being is also an expression of a Blue Ray Soul Group consciousness. It is a soul group consciousness. I am in that consciousness. I am home.

When you live from your soul, you are home. Stop trying to go somewhere else.

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