Monday, March 14, 2016

Seeing The Digital Readout 11:11

Many are seeing the digital readout of 11:11 on their digital clocks wherever they are on a daily basis, every day, multiple times a day. Much is being explained about why this is occurring and what 11:11 signifies.

I am one of the many and have seen 11:11 and 12:12 for several years now, every day, multiple times a day with no conscious intention of looking for these read outs. I see them synchronistically. It just happens.

While I have read much about what the 11:11 and 12:12 mean, I did not really understand why it was coming to me, what it was telling me. Why a DIGITAL readout?

Other than the fact that numerologically 11 is what is known as a master number of one's life path and represents connection to Spirit, I never understood why 11 was coming to me as 11 11 until I realized that the 11's were connected by a colon (:) and that there was significance to this.

I discovered the colon's significance is that I am the BRIDGE between Spirit and Physicality. The colon signifies the bridge. It signifies the bridging of yin and yang, male and female, Light and Dark, human and Spirit and that we humans are both of these at the same time and this is what we are mastering in our human experience. We are Physical and Spirit right here, right now.

When I realized this, my human experiences made much more sense to me as my experiences all my life have reflected my being this bridge over troubled waters so to speak. I have always been bridging the gap between human and Spirit. That has been my path: to be the colon, the bridge in human form. To express the traits of this in my life. A very good example has been my experience of unifying my male and female aspects within, that is, balancing my yin and yang nature and not, as a male, being afraid of my female aspects like intuition, etc., or realizing that my essential nature is Spirit and I am having a physical experience. This is what I have mastered, hence the 11:11.

This, I can say, is true for all of us. If you have been seeing the digital readout of 11:11, you can be sure that it is telling you that it is time to wake up to the fact that you bridge the divide between Spirit and the Physical and it is time to be this, time to own this, time to walk that path.

You cannot deny this anymore! You must master being the bridge.

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