Monday, March 21, 2016

Reality Is Bendable

As revealed from my experiences with this so-called "reality" we all live in through our persona/psyche/ego (physicality), this reality is bendable. It is bendable at our command. We can talk to it and it listens and responds, therefore, we can shape it with our intent.

Our reality is malleable, we can shape it with our will, it is not fixed as we would believe.

Here's an example: when something happens to us, we have been led to believe this is beyond our control. In truth, it is NOT happening TO us, it is actually directed BY AND THROUGH us. We shape our reality with our belief systems and we can change our reality by changing our belief systems. WE are responsible for our creations and our creations are created by what we think! If you think like a victim, your reality calls victim experiences to itself. Misery loves company. I know you've heard this. The opposite is also true. Think like a victor and experiences of victoriousness will be yours.

A good example is money and abundance. We are led to believe this is conditional as in you have to work hard to get money and abundance when the reality is that all you have to do is allow it by releasing your lack or poverty consciousness that is binding you to lack. To achieve abundance, you must first believe you are worthy of it. Are you understanding this?

Reality is created by thought. You think you must kill yourself to earn a buck. That's simply wrong thinking. You must change your thinking to the belief system that you are already abundant and all you have to do is give implicit intent for how much money you need and your subconscious will go to work to create the physical conditions for you to achieve it. Your  physical actions will match your subconscious signals in the form of synchronicity, serendipity. You will call that which you are vibrating in thought to yourself. This is real and is occurring.

I have done this process over and over again and it works. I always have enough for all my needs. Always.

When you believe it, it comes to you. Reality is bendable. Believe it!

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