Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Past Knowledge-Your Greatest Block

As Kryon of magnetic service has said, "The big filter of past knowledge keeps you from thinking out of the box." Yet we humans tend to stay stuck in what we believe we know and refuse to open to new knowing.

What I have discovered is that we can always know more about things. Knowledge is not fixed, it is fluid and infinite as in a growing continuum in which we can know more about reality when we allow ourselves to discover rather than judge by saying I already know. Yes, you may know something but you don't know everything. There is always new information ready to be revealed.

Your past knowledge can keep you trapped in the past. It can block you from growing on many levels and in many ways. Your refusal to open to new ways, new information and new knowledge is your greatest mental prison.

We see this being played out right now all over the world where people are stuck in certain belief systems and suffering greatly because of them. We see neighbor killing neighbor because of knowledge from a sacred text that they believe is true and IS THE ONLY WAY AND THAT OTHERS ARE INFIDELS AND MUST DIE IF THEY DON'T HOLD THIS KNOWLEDGE TOO.

This is a horrible, false reality because there is always more to learn as we evolve from these old ideas to new ideas more in keeping with how we have expanded our awareness. To keep going back to a sacred text written thousands of years ago without reinterpreting it with a contemporary awareness is using past knowledge to block the progress of humanity's expanding awareness and evolution.

Much misery is being perpetrated by the world's major religions in the name of old, outdated knowledge. Look at all the killing in the name of religion going on in the world. I mean ALL religions!!!!!!

It is time to move forward by opening up to new knowledge and that is the knowledge that we can think anew and leave behind the old texts, the old religious knowledge that doesn't work today and that is literally killing people. We can open up to new Spiritual realities that helps us to Love our neighbor despite different beliefs.

Let's think out of the box of worn out religious ideational relics that are holding humanity back. It is time to know that we are Spirit in form.

We are God. We are Love. That is new information but is refused to be believed.

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