Saturday, March 19, 2016

Make Sure What You Hear From The Swami Is True

When you go to listen to a guru, swami, master, etc. give a talk or hear something they say in a video online about Spirituality, make sure YOU know what he or she is saying is the truth as in, don't just accept their words, corroborate them, research them, intuitively perceive their truth.

Much is being disseminated online about the mystical, the metaphysical, about Spiritual realities and truths and I am of the perception that as a wisdom keeper we must validate what is being put forth, even if we are the ones we must check for accuracy, even if we are the ones who must stand corrected. I believe it is very critical to present as much accuracy, clarity and truth as possible that originates from my Spiritual experience, perception, knowledge and research. If I am not accurate, please correct me but make sure YOU are accurate.

Do not take a guru's assertions at face value. Find out more about the truth of what they are saying as you find out through your experiences and in the understanding of what they are saying as you grasp it and as you research it. Question everything and let the answers come to you organically, that is, from your soul, Spirit. You will be shown the truth of any Spiritual assertion if you continue to look for it, very often from within.

This is very important for many are saying many things and we as wisdom keepers must show discernment in knowing what is true and what is misinformation. This takes effort. Do not be Spiritually lazy. Go find the truth for yourself.

The sign of a true adept is being open to knowledge, being open to expansions in Spiritual information and awareness. We can always know more about a subject. Knowing is infinite.

Being true to yourself is making sure that what anyone who is a guru, or asserts that they have certain knowledge or title or says they are Spiritually advanced speaks really true and accurate information. Too often we allow ourselves to accept misinformation because we give too much power to the supposed disseminator of this misinformation. 

Empower yourself by being discerning. Empower yourself by being true to yourself.

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