Saturday, March 26, 2016

I Am Not Here To Give You Anything Or Save You

I did not come to Earth to give you anything or to save you from yourself. You already have everything you need, you're just not using what you are Spiritually. That's what my coming here is about: assisting you in the shift to realize your own empowerment.

Who am I? I am a high vibrating, high conscious being called a Blue Ray being of Love and Wisdom from a Light realm not connected to your consciousness who agreed to incarnate here to hold my vibratory frequencies of empowerment so that you could see that it's real and possible to use your Spiritual powers to have mastery over yourself and all that is in the way of LOVE, BEAUTY, WISDOM, PEACE, HAPPINESS, ABUNDANCE AND SO MUCH, MUCH MORE.

This is about living on higher thought vibrations and leaving behind, once and for all, the low vibrations of war, killing, hate, anger, comparison, ego, suffering, envy, jealousy, agenda and self-importance.

I am here to engender the higher vibrational aspects of a new Earth. An Earth of peace. THIS IS BEING DONE.

Whether you get this or not is of no concern to me. My job is not to make you get it. My job is to be present and hold and send out my Light. I have done that, I am doing that.

All I can say is that if you want to continue on this planet, you must shift, you must listen to my vibrations and be the new peace on Earth. I am not the only one of my kind here, There are many of us and while it may not look like it, we have won!!! The dark forces are in retreat. LOW VIBRATIONS ARE MOVING OUT!!!

If you stay in old energy, you will no longer be here. Your need to be here will be over. It's really that simple. You will go somewhere else. Your soul will incarnate on a planet that matches your fearful vibrations. It will not be Earth, as Earth will be vibrating at a frequency too high for you. This is NOT judgement. This is the Cosmic Law of One operating here. Earth WILL be a planet of peace, period!!!

This is your free-will choice. Shift with and into the new, higher vibrations of Earth or leave. Haters will not be comfortable here as we are seeing already playing out in world events.

The new Earth: a planet of peace. Small minds not wanted.

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