Wednesday, March 23, 2016

I Am In The Void

The realization that I am in the Void came to me yesterday. It's not what you may think. I am NOT in a void as in I have lost my persona/psyche/ego or I am in some lost state of being. That's not my realization. I am in the real Void as in I am in the state where I am touching the unmanifested potential of all there is. The Void.

How do I know this? My first clue came to me when my wife, my soul mate, my twin flame of 36 years died suddenly and left me in a void. Everything had changed and that traumatic event shifted me into my Light body where I eventually went into the real Void.

What happened when I went into the real Void? From my experience I can express to you these changes in my life:

1. I am able to manifest things at the speed of thought, my intent. I have connected to my energy body, my soul, my Spirit.

2. I unplugged from the Matrix.

3. Many advanced beings and ascended masters talk to me in one way or another.

4. The entire Universe, the entire world talks to me and I now listen.

5. My mantra is unconditional Love.

6. I am at peace and no longer feel it necessary to argue and prove a point or to compare and judge.

7. I now know that everyone is on their own path that is right for them.

8. I became aware that I am a Blue Ray being of Love and Wisdom from the Blue Ray soul group Consciousness.

I can no longer be perceived by ordinary consciousness. What ordinary consciousness perceives when it sees me is a shadow and it hurrily passes me by. Those with higher awareness perceive me as a shining light and wish to speak with me.

The biggest message from the void: do not be afraid.

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