Thursday, March 17, 2016

God Doesn't Give You Things...You Do

God is finished with his Creation and it is you and you alone that has agreed to be in this garden, this physical paradise, to learn the truth about being physical and Spiritual AT THE SAME TIME.

When you pray to God and ask for things, you are praying and asking YOURSELF as God has already given YOU the ability to manifest. What do you think free will is?

I know this is in stark contradiction to the mantras of the major religions that would have you believe that you have no power and these thoughts are blasphemous. Think again. God already gave you Creation. It is YOU that is now the manifestor in this game of life. Now, it is best to thank God, to show God your appreciation and gratitude for his Creation by performing miracles, synchronicities, serendipitous events, Love, peace, kindness, charity, abundance and wisdom for yourself from yourself. When you vibrate gratitude, you get more to be grateful for!!!

You are NOT a nothing, you are NOT a puppet on a string waiting for God to reward you. You are NOT a sinner, you are NOT a worthless lump of clay as these religions would hypnotize you to believe so that you can keep giving them your money!!!! This is misaligned thinking and believing. It is you who are responsible for creating your life, not God. You are already God, now behave like God.

Determine to validate and corroborate what I have perceived and experienced here. Think for yourself. Stop pointing your finger in some book and telling me it's the truth. Step onto your Own wisdom path and discover the real truth: you are God in form and have the creative abilities of God.

You run your own show and are responsible for your actions not God. God does not give you anything. You do. Get out of the trance of being disempowered to believe you have to go through Jesus to be saved. You have already been created in wholeness and saved by God. What these religions are feeding you is false, misaligned and wrong.

You are the master. Start acting like it.

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