Thursday, March 10, 2016

Give Permission For Healing

If you want to heal, first you must give permission for your own healing. Nothing can heal you if YOU don't allow it, no modality brought to bear in your healing will work if you say no to it.

This non allowance of your healing is on a subconscious level. You must go within to open yourself up to allow your healing. You must become aware of the machinations of your subconscious. This is seen is some people dying of cancer and some not. Western doctors have no answer to this and it lies in the will to live, that is, the allowance of your soul, mind and emotions to heal the physical body, to come into balance.

Do you give permission for your healing?  Once you are in the healing state of being you will begin to experience these three main states:

1. Your presence in any room, any place won't allow darkness. When they X-ray cancer, why do you think it shows up on the screen as a dark spot? Cancer is darkness.

2. Your very presence, heals.

3. Your cellular structure, your cells listen to your commands and you become aware of the importance of every word you think and say as in you stop saying that something is "killing" you, etc.  Your words have healing power.

Healing and sickness are self-inflicted and do not come from the body. Sickness comes from an imbalance of the mind, which affects the emotions which affects the body.

Your body speaks your mind. The root of your sickness starts with sick thoughts and sick feelings. Our bodies (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual) are separate but they do intertwine as we are a complex not a machine.

Give permission for your healing first before you seek the modalities of a healer even when you are healing yourself.

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