Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Free Thinking

From my point of view, I see much herd mentality and because of this consensus trance, I see  humans being easily manipulated by others. The time has come for every human to think for him/herself. How does one think for oneself? Your original thoughts come when you begin your journey as a free thinker.

Here are seven traits to look for as you remove your shackles of the herd mentality, of peer pressure and conformity (from thespiritscience.net):

1. Creativity is your natural birthright.

2. Beware of groupthink and herd morality.

3. Perspective is key.

4. Knowledge is provisional.

5. Popping the time bubble.

6. Defying institutional pressures.

7. Perception is to be altered not accepted.

Being a free thinker is part of becoming more aware, more aware of the truths as YOU discover them, as YOU understand them, as YOU define them for yourself and not as someone else instructs you.

Resolve to become a free thinker, a thought leader, one who can think for themselves. What do YOU really think? What do YOU really believe?

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