Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Facets Like A Diamond

You, as a human being, are a many faceted being on the level of your persona/psyche/ego as projected by your soul in an actionable playground called Earth and NOT a one-dimensional personality being.

Let me explain: when you are doing a job, that is a facet of your persona/psyche/ego. When you are with your lover, that is ANOTHER facet of you, when you help a friend, put a bandaid on your child's scrape, those are still other facets of you. In the many, many things that you do, you exhibit another facet of yourself like a many faceted diamond. In a sense, what you are is a bundle of many "sides," many facets that you are without you giving the slightest thought to your being another side of yourself. This is built into us, it's automatic because it's who and what we are. We just do it.

You are NOT one dimensional, you are, each of us is, multi-dimensional and this reality must be accepted, must be felt, we must be mindful of, must be actuated by each of us if we are to reach our full human potential. We must accept ourselves as shape shifters.

Let me go deeper. There is the brilliant you, the person who is is an amazing mathematician teaching at a school, there is the charitable you who gives to various causes, there is the humanitarian you who volunteers to read to grade school age children or the you that travels with Doctors Without Borders, there is the sexy you who makes divine love with your lover and on and on. These are DIFERENT facets of the SAME person. These facets are real and palpable parts of you that you project out and are not part of some one dimensional being. These facets are indicative of your multidimensionality. This is very real! Ponder this what this signifies.

When you experience these facets of your soul, stop to reflect a moment on how awesome you are. That you contain so much, are so much and not just some one-dimensional personality locked in a thinking box.

You are a many faceted diamond capable of being anything. This is you, the you that is a coat of many colors. Celebrate.

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