Monday, March 7, 2016

Blue Ray Beings Know Healing

What does it mean that a Blue Ray being is a being of healing? Ah, good question and one that it took me many years to learn and understand about myself as a Blue Ray.

What it means when you are a Blue Ray being of healing is that you vibrate, you are on a frequency of healing. In human form that means having a healing touch, a healing consciousness (that is a part of the Blue Ray vibration, that is, the Blue Ray IS healing). The Blue Ray is a high spiritual frequency that is already healed and in balance when it arrives on Earth. We as Blue Rays are not always conscious of how to use this power but I can tell you that I have felt this in myself most of my adult years but never believed it or used it until now.

I have used my healing touch to heal. Yes, I can heal people. I have used this sparingly and mainly talk to my own body and cells when I am out of balance and need healing and do mental, emotional and physical things to get back in balance. I have enough Light quotient that my body has moved from carbon-based to crystalline-based and my cells now listen to my commands for staying healthy.

Why do Blue Rays have this power? We have healing power because, for the most part, we are in balance as defined by our frequency of Blue. We come out of balance through the many distractions and distortions we allow to throw us off balance as humans. This mostly comes from the mind. I have found that when my mind is clear and I have no subconscious blocks, no fears, no anger, no hate, I am healed.

This is an on-going process that is available to everyone. We can all heal ourselves when we pay attention. Our human bodies are homeostatic organisms that seek balance naturally. When you are out of balance that is when you get sick. Balance is simply not being too heavy in one thing. For example, chemically, your body is a balance of potassium and sodium among many other chemicals. If you take in too much sodium (salt), your body goes out of balance and you develop health issues like high blood pressure. To get back into balance, you can add a little potassium to your diet and perhaps stop using too much salt. Please understand that this is a simplistic way of putting it. You create a balance and your innate body awareness goes back to balance. The self is the healer and that's what Blue Rays know and use.

This balance is natural to a Blue Ray. It can be for you when you pay attention to your body's innate language which communicates with you when you are out of balance. Blue Rays are very sensitive to this inner language. You too are defined by Rays as we are all light. Pay attention to your light and watch those things that bring darkness into your being.

You can train yourself to this sensitivity as well, whether you are a Blue Ray or not.

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