Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Blue Ray Beings Are Not The Concept Of Love

We Blue Ray beings are not the concept of Love.  What this means is that Love for us is not a thought, it is not a concept of Love that we come here as or send out in vibrations. Our Blue Ray frequency actually IS the force of Love and that is a big difference from conceptualising Love. For us, Love is NOT an emotion. It is a feeling. It is the force of Spirit and that is the essence of the Blue Ray vibration. Blue Rays are Spirit.

This is what we have come here to teach. The force of Love is not given or taken, it just IS. THERE IS NO FALLING IN LOVE, THERE IS ONLY BEING LOVE AND FEELING THE FORCE OF LOVE.

In whatever you are doing in your life, feel the force of Love from the most mundane to the most grandiose, from making your coffee in the morning to your community service, BE IN THE FORCE OF LOVE.

When you are in the force of Love, all is possible, all will come to you. The force of Love is the true operating principle of the law of attraction.

I can't emphasize this enough: be in the force of Love in all that you do, say, think and feel. The great key to knowing that you are in the force of Love with anything in your Universe is having no grievances!

Love holds no grievances. Therefore, with any connection, attachment or enmeshment that you have, be sure the basis is the force of Love and your sadness, loneliness and grief will not be as possessive of you.

Learn from the Blue Ray and BE THE FORCE OF LOVE NOW!!!

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