Thursday, March 31, 2016

As An Empath; How To Prevent Anxiety And Depression

We are currently in a major chaotic node during which there is much destabilization. All humans on the planet are feeling the intensity of this but it is especially causing havoc for those who are deep ultra-sensitive empaths like myself.

I have found five basic means of assuaging the anxiety and depression that empaths tend to suffer during these stressful times:

1. Take a walk in the sunshine and in nature and keep yourself moving.

2. Practice releasing old energy from the past, practice letting go.

3. Look at and listen to your emotions and have a conversation with them.

4. Continue on the path of clarity and be a clear container. That is clarity of mind, body, feelings and Spirit. Garbage in, garbage out.

5. Don't be afraid to get help and energetic support.

Be proactive when you are in overwhelm. These are demanding times energetically and it is imperative that we stay vigilant in protecting our serenity, our calm, our peace in the midst of all of the chaos as this planet has shifted and there is much pressure and confusion amongst the masses.

This is not about withdrawing from society but learning how to practice staying sane in a time of massive energetic change, shift and cleansing.

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