Friday, February 19, 2016

Why Do We Live?

Why do we live? What is the purpose of this life? This is the age old question asked by many philosophers and sages for millennia. So, what is the answer? The answer is, there is no answer. There are only questions and the quintessential questions, for me, are: am I whole yet, have I achieved healing of my self/Self?

What I have realized about life is that I come here to this sphere called Earth to not only remember that I am Spirit but to experience becoming whole and therefore, healed. Whole as in I am Spirit having a physical experience in order to appreciate my spirituality. This life is a soulful experience and when I see life from a soul perspective, I am healed because I am one with the divine, the sacred. I see the materialistic side of things as an experience to be sacred, not to be abused. It's part of life to have material pleasures but not in a greedy way.

I look at this physicality as sacred. It is not lower or bad or dirty or sinful or profane. It is the divine in manifested form and I embrace that form as a realization of Self. That is why I am alive. To have realization of my wholeness that I can be both Spirit AND flesh and still walk the Earth. I don't need to die to have this experience. I am already in heaven as I walk with both my spiritual and physical natures entwined.

This is not a mental concept. This is real, palpable, alive, happening. I did not think of this. I am this now.

I am aware of my soul, my spirit living with me, the physical me. It is one and the same. That's what whole really means. That's why we live.

May I suggest you go live?

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