Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Thinking Is Not Love, Giving Is

You cannot conceptualize love and have love. Love is not a thought, love is a state of being, it is a force that vibrates in everything. When you come to love conceptually, when you think of love, you cut yourself off from experiencing it because your concept, your thought of it is not it. The only way to know love is to give it and the only way to give it is to be it.

Giving love means being in the vibration of love where you give of yourself unconditionally, you come from a place of wholeness that does not need filling up, you walk in compassion for yourself and others showing kindness and caring. Love is an experience not a wishful thinking.

Love is not what people think. Love is what people are as in being around or with a loving person including your own love for yourself. Have you experienced being a loving person or being around one?

If not, here is what it's like: they give love unconditionally, accept you for who you are, make you feel whole, at peace, they care about you, they show concern, they are there in service with you, they are very spiritual, they are never angry, they share what's theirs with you, they come from the heart. While there is more, these are a few of the ways you can tell if someone is being love and not thinking love. There is also no trying to be love. You are either vibrating with it or cutting it off from yourself and others.

If you have experienced being love in yourself or others, you know that you can't conceptualize love because when you do, you come up with an empty shell, a vacuous state of being, a fake, a forgery of the real thing, you are superficial. You will easily hurt others.

Real love is a state of being from which the lover gives a piece of that state to you in sheer loving kindness. Anything else is the claim of the false.

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