Thursday, February 11, 2016

There Is No Authority But You

In this mass consciousness belief system we are all willingly participating in, we have all allowed there to be an authority "over" us. Whether it's a religious, medical, educational, financial, spiritual, mental or political "authority", we have agreed to give up our power to someone or something.

This is a false allowance and belief system that must and is coming to an end. Do not misunderstand: this is not a pronouncement of anarchy or to overthrow society or the existing paradigm.  This is about who the real authority is...YOU! There is not and cannot be an authority over you as you are a sovereign being with free will in a free will Universe. The only way to become dis-empowered is to disempower your self!!! The only way to give up your natural authority is to willingly relinquish it DO NOT TO BE TOLD OR SOLD THAT SOMEONE IS MORE POWERFUL OR AUTHORITATIVE THAN YOU!!!

People will try to put their ego over on you and make you believe they have authority over you. Don't buy into it or them. You are your own authority as an evolved soul, an evolved spiritual being gifted with all you need for sustainance!

You can certainly put your trust in people, doing so with discernment. This is not about living life mistrusting others. This is about knowing that the final authority in everything is YOU.

Don't give up or give away your personal power to anyone or anything...ever! All the power you need is right there inside of you. No one or no thing can take it away.

You have a natural authority imbued in you and you have a natural right to that authority! It is time to own your authority!

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