Thursday, February 25, 2016

The Soul Experiences Through Feeling

Your soul incarnated to have actionable experiences where the conduit of communication with you, in you, is feeling. Your soul wants to feel experiences, wants you on the persona/psyche/ego to feel them with your soul. Your soul is organic (spiritual) and is here to interface with nature and your (body/mind) are the holograhic interface between soul and nature.

That's right, you are a holograhic interface. Your mind and body are not real. They are belief constructs designed to operate in the magnified three dimensional world of nature. What is the real construct here in this world having the experience is your soul...the real YOU!

This is a feeling experience not a mental one. I am not talking about negating the mental, I am talking about the language of the soul which is not mind, it is emotion, feeling.

The important message here is: don't negate you feelings, pay attention to your feelings, release your feelings. Now, please understand that I am not asking you to run amok doing whatever you feel. A mature Wisdom Keeper controls and restricts feeling but does not negate, suppress or repress feeling.

Did I say this was easy? It is not easy, at times, to handle great or difficult or deep seated feelings. However, it is a must to learn how to handle bad, difficult, hard feelings for they are a part of the experience of the soul which wants to learn how to handle them through experience. There are times when we are overwhelmed by feelings on the level of mind, of though and if we cannot deal with them effectively, then we must seek counsel from a friend, relative, trusted Elder, Spiritual Advisor or mental health provider to calm our minds and bodies.  There is no shame in expressing our feelings to or with someone with the intent of managing our feelings so that they don't cause us too much stress or anxiety.

The idea here is learning how to deal with the language of our soul and doing so effectively. When you learn how to do that, you connect with your soul and your life becomes a soulful experience. That experience of the soul is preferable, I am here to attest.

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