Friday, February 12, 2016

Stand Tall

Those of you who are Wisdom Keepers on your own Wisdom Path, you are being given a clarion call to stand tall in your power.

You are now being put on notice to recognize and be the powerful healer that you are. No more holding back.

You must realize these four states of your being:

1. Your presence in the room won't allow darkness.

2. Your very presence, heals.

3. Your cellular structure, your cells are listening to you.

4. Your words have great power.

What this means is that you can no longer take your spiritual path in a cavalier manner. It is no longer  conceptual, it is now experiential.

You are the power that is transforming this world. Don't shy away from this. It is as real as you are and you must now operate out of this reality of spiritual power.

What this means is you are responsible for creating your reality. Use your immense power wisely.

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