Monday, February 15, 2016


I received the following important message last summer from "Medicine cards, The Discovery of Power Through the Ways of Animals" by Jamie Sams & David Carson and I share it with you here: Contrary Mouse (meaning an imbalance) was the card I chose: "You may be "'pipe dreaming' about your own importance in life. Are you wondering why you have not been nominated for the Academy Awards? You can't be recognized if you are not taking care of life's details and walking in humility. Remember that all good things come to those willing to work toward wholeness. Little mouse needs to see the big picture, but only assimilate the information the picture gives a little at a time. Expansiveness can be overwhelming if you forget to take it step by step. Confusion is a product of 'too much, too soon'. Little mouse can conquer any task by using its scrutiny. Slow down and right the contrary medicine. Stop chasing your tail or being confused by the maze and start observing the details of your present pathway."

I share this medicine with you today because I sense this confusion happening in the world. There is so much chaos without and within. The world is out of balance and many are overwhelmed by all the drama in the world  and so-called good and bad spiritual information coming in as the Great Shift is completing.

It is time to right your ship by examining your life. Look at what is there in your life, really look at the details.

Determine to make a clear path for your self by organizing what you know, honing all that is coming to you into a truthful understanding that brings you peace, not fear, brings you wholeness, not divisiveness.

"Bring Mouse medicine to your life's chaos and you will soon have everything tidy and shipshape."

The key word is scrutiny!

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