Sunday, February 28, 2016

Life Is A Mirror

This existence, this life, this reality is simply a mirror for all human beings here on this planet. What it reflects back to you is what you still have to work on for self-realization, soul growth and clarity of purpose. What you dislike in another is about you as they are a reflection of what you're about.

Whatever you experience in another is not about them, it is about you. Everything you feel about another is YOUR experience, not necessarily theirs. You may know what they're feeling but that's for them. What you feel and experience is unique to you.

Every experience you have as a human tells you about yourself, good, bad or indifferent. So, when you are having an experience, it's color, it's depth is a sign of what you are, who you are, what you have yet to clear in the way of beliefs that no longer serve you or what you still need to learn as a soul, a human, an energy level.

When you accept and are that you contain all of God, the Universe, in totality within you, you will have arrived at no longer needing a mirror. While life is a mirror of what you project, when you project the clarity of oneness, that you know that you are God, nothing but clarity will be reflected back to you and you will no longer need life to tell you what and who you are because you have arrived at being who you really are. Spirit will speak to you clearly. No distractions needed.

If life is still a mirror for you, all it means is that you are still working on clearing, you have a little more work to do in releasing a lack of self-worth in that you still don't believe or want to accept that you are God. This is the way of it so do not trouble yourself. Keep working on yourself and be happy that life, God, the Universe, Spirit cares enough to help you along your way no matter your perception of the difficulties.

This is the true definition of Love. When only Love is your experience, you have achieved the ultimate.

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