Saturday, February 13, 2016


Introspection, I have found, is one of the great tools to self-realization because it is an inner tool of reclaiming the power of knowing and using it to advise yourself.

We contain the entire Universe within ourselves and introspection has been used for millennia to reach those depths of our being where great wisdom is hidden.

It takes courage and great patience to look within for answers of any kind and I would encourage you to begin an inward journey to know yourself and ultimately, the realization that everything is connected. Everything flows into everything else.

Unity consciousness is a great understanding and should not be overlooked as it is a means to live a life of happiness, health, abundance, peace, compassion and enlightenment.

This unity consciousness can be achieved through one's use of introspection because the kernel of this consciousness is within.

When you finally see that you are connected to everything, you no longer feel separate. You are comforted in the realization that you are everything and everything is you.

This is definitely a worthy endeavor and since I have been on this path, I encourage all to step onto this path with all alacrity and speed.

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