Wednesday, February 24, 2016


In order to get into the flow of life, the flow of the Universe, you have to first believe that flow exists. I am here to confirm that flow, as an actionable state of being, does exist! Not only does it exist, it has its own dimension which is the fourth dimension.

We have all experienced being in the flow in our lives, periodically. What if I told you that you could ALWAYS be in the flow? How is this possible? It is possible by going into the fourth dimension. Now, don't get all woo woo on me and start imagining that you have to have some spiritual, out of body experience to move into the fourth dimension. You already ARE spiritual AND you already ARE multidimensional. All that is required is a shift in your consciousness to move you into the structure of the fourth dimension.

Here are some tips to help you move into the fourth dimension: ("move" is semantical as you don't move, you don't go anywhere, you feel the fourth dimension as you experience it).

1. Believe that there is a state, a consciousness of flow.

2. Remember when you had flow in your life. What did you do to get there? How did you feel? What was the experience like? What was achieved?

3. Visualize the experience of flow as a river with you on a rowboat, easily flowing safely on this river.

4. Accept that the fourth dimension, flow, is as real a place as this third dimension in which you exist.

When you arrive at the feeling of flow, the consciousness of flow, you are in the fourth dimension. It has a structure, just like this one but it has flow, you are never stuck. Things flow to and with you like money, health, happiness, sustainance, peace, wisdom, abundance. 

This is real and not some fairy tale. It will take some courage on your part to engage with this dimension that you already are. Why? Because it feels like magic.

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