Thursday, February 18, 2016

As An Empath; I Can Feel You

Whatever your feelings are, be careful when you are around me: I can feel your feelings, I can become you, I can get into your skin and know exactly what your emotional state is for I am an Empath!

For many years, when I was with a friend or relative, I unknowingly took on their emotional state and often wondered why I was feeling a certain way when I was around them. When they left my presence, that feeling in me subsided. They were a mix of so-called good and bad feelings and it is only in the last several years that I have consciously worked on understanding and therefore separating myself from what my real feelings are from the feelings of others that I seem to take on as an Empath.

This is a very critical understanding as we are clearing ourselves in the Great Shift that we are in right now. It is important to know what your feelings are apart from all the emotional conditioning that you have unwittingly undergone all your life and the feelings you have taken on from the prevailing mindset, prevailing mass consciousness. You have been told to feel a certain way about mostly everything and like an Empath, you have taken on this emotional conditioning.

What I'm talking about are your conditioned emotional responses that you wear like a mask. There is another you behind that mask I have seen it and felt it, even in myself, so I know that what I am perceiving is accurate. I am talking about the you of how you REALLY feel. Oh, you dare not reveal how you really feel lest you risk alienation?

It is time to shed your skin of false emotions in the name of social graces. Be real but still be tactful. If you want to tell someone something emotionally challenging or difficult, you can do so with humor, with calmness, with candor, with love, with the intent of no harm, with a real smile.

I have found that it is better to confront yourself and others, in a good way, with the truth of how you feel. The worst thing for your soul is to be false, disingenuous, a phony, insincere, a liar, to misrepresent. You may shape the truth in a way so as to not hurt anyone, that is, using diplomacy and tact but you must be truthful and assertive. Enough with the passive aggressive behavior.

Be true to yourself and let how you really feel be your path, be the way you deal with everything, especially how you deal with yourself!

You may just find that false mask you wear on the floor!

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