Saturday, February 27, 2016

About Your Aura

Your aura is an organic (spiritual), living aspect of all that you are and contains your chakra operating system and is that beingness that you communicate to yourself and others with. When you meet someone, your aura is already speaking to them as well as theirs is to you. You need no physical, vocal speech. Others unconsciously (depending on their level of awareness) pick up on you the moment you enter their proximity.

If you want to be more aware of yourself, truly understand how you operate, study your aura and the auras of others. A very good place to start this study is with the books on chakras and auras by Karla Mclaren.

As an example, each layer of our aura is associated with a chakra. For me, it is my fifth chakra from which I emanate most dominantly in my physical incarnation and that is associated with a higher will more connected to divine will. The fifth chakra is also associated with the power of the word; speaking things into being, listening and taking responsibility for our actions.

Based on the fact that I vibrate strongly from my fifth chakra, You will see that I spent my entire life as an actor, singer, communicator, in media sales, teacher, director, advisor, public speaker and writer, all using the power of the word while being spiritually strong-willed.

We all can learn so much about ourselves by studying our auras since everything about us is there.

To do this kind of studying takes greater awareness, dedication, interest and patience. This is the realm of the non-physical and you must be willing to explore this side of your nature without material judgements.

The rewards are very great in realizing you can communicate with yourself and others through the information contained in your aura. Remember, it's part of your operating system. You are your aura.

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