Qualities Of An Awakened Soul

When we are awake to our soul, our perception moves to a higher order of function. We have a more clear, more aware perspective of life. We are in deeper communication with our soul and as Dean Noblett in Spirit Library so eloquently describes, an awakened soul:

1. Looks at all set backs as opportunities for growth and evolution.

2. Stays in their power no matter what the circumstances.

3. Embraces change with enthusiasm.

4. Accepts all things beyond their control.

5. Speaks their truth regardless of what others may think.

6. Knows that success is achieved by moving into unchartered territory and beyond their comfort zone.

7. Takes full responsibility for their lives and uses past experience as learning tools.

8. Encourages and celebrates other people's success stories.

9. Perseveres in the face of failure and adversity.

10. Takes time to be alone and connect with the Divine aspect of themselves.

11. Focuses on service for the greater good and how they can make a difference in the lives of others and the world.

Above all, an awakened soul knows who they are and is in awe of the extraordinary journey of life.

We are Spirit having an energy experience in a lower vibrational consciousness seeking to know itself in infinite permutations. My encouragement is for us to be awake to this. Let us not look away, deny, hesitate or ignore who and what we really are.

Being an awakened soul is the key reason for stepping onto your own wisdom path.


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