Porcupine Medicine-Back To Innocence

Our human world is filled with too much seriousness! We must be more like Porcupine medicine people: not letting ourselves get caught up in the chaos of the adult world where fear, greed, anger, righteous indignation and suffering are common place.

The medicine in Porcupine people is that of relief from seriousness and severity. Like them, the rest of humanity must open its heart to those things that gave it joy as a child. Remember the preciousness of fantasy and imagination.

We as a people must honor the playfulness of Spirit that lets everyone win.

Everyone is endowed with spirit...no one is better or has a better way of relating to Spirit. What humans are practicing on this planet by saying their religion is the true one and everyone else's is "false" is the very height of bellicosity, arrogance and lower ego.

Those doing the killing in the name of religion, the Bible, the Koran, the Torah, killing in the name of Jesus or Allah, are under a great misunderstanding and misinterpretation of Spirit. They are not spiritual at all. They are deviants caught in the web of chaos.

There is no need for killing. You are already ordained to win, you just don't know it or you just don't believe it.

Peace is Spirit's true state of  being. Humor is Spirit's true state of being. Humanity must stop being a hard ass!!!!!!!!


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