As A Planet, As A People, We Desperately Need Wisdom

I come to you from my altered state of consciousness of the 8th and 9th dimensions. From there, I see that our planet, needs, our peoples desperately need Wisdom!!! Why is this so?

As a recent quote from Kryon said, "You don't homogenize a planet through wisdom. What you do through wisdom is get along. The wiser the planet becomes, the greater the ability to find wise solutions for everything. The greater the wisdom, the greater the ability to discover the creator inside."

Our society is without wisdom and is in fear consciousness as shown by the religionists who believe that they are justified in their free will to take another's life based on words in a book that are misinterpreted.

Those that are killing for their twisted religious beliefs are committing the highest crime of bellicosity and arrogance whether they are ISSIS,  Christian Fundamentalists, Jews, Muslims or others that are now perpetrating theirs evils on mankind.

Killing is evil, not wise. You cannot justify your killing with your Bible, your Koran, your Torah.

It is time for wisdom.

It is time to move beyond survival issues and focus on higher aspects for full, positive, human expression.

The state of global oppression is coming to an end. Move out of suffering and recognize the healing you can do, not the killing you are being conditioned to do in the name of false, fake, unreal religious constructs.


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