You Are Emerging Spiritually

Whether you are conscious of it or not, you are emerging spiritually. The time has arrived for you to regain your lost, esoteric knowledge which will help you to the Way of Love and Light.

The very first step to the Way of Love and Light is to recognize that your soul "talks" to you through your emotions. Start listening to your emotions instead of negating them, instead of dampening them down. Honor what you feel and don't distract yourself from what you feel.

When you allow yourself to feel, no matter how difficult the feelings, you are allowing your sensitivity which helps you know the truth about situations and people. Please understand that I am not discounting those who are emotionally dysfunctional and need clinical help, therapy or treatment. If you have a dysfunction, do not be ashamed or afraid, by all means, seek help. Anxiety, panic attacks and other chronic emotional-psychological issues are real and must be treated, must be addressed.

This message is for those who are over-whelmed by their sensitivity at times or who may not be fully aware that their emotions/feelings are their soul reaching out to them. I am encouraging you to see emotional difficulty not as a time to distract but as a time to engage, as a time to allow, as hard as it may seem initially. 

The working with your sensitivity is not easy and it is one major way of developing greater intuition which will give you further empathy with yourself and others and is the gateway to begin regaining your lost esoteric knowledge.

What is this lost, esoteric knowledge? Part of it is that your sensitivity and intuition are powers, not weaknesses. These two facilities, sensitivity and intuition, built into every human being, are the most basic lost powers that we have. 

Don't ignore your intuition or negate, fear, dampen, excuse or beat down your sensitivity because it is your key to emerge spiritually. A key that will unlock the way for you to Love and Light, giving you great personal power and greater connection to your soul.


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