When You Have A Problem, Remember, You're Just Being Contrary!

When you perceive your life to be full of problems, that's a state of contrariness. Where there is suffering, there is happiness. When you wallow in those problems, be they physical, mental, emotional or spiritual, what you are doing is forgetting your power and connectedness to Spirit, God, the Universe, your soul, your Higher Self.

Simply remember that the Light is ALWAYS available for those who seek illumination.

As wisely said in the Native American message of Contrary Eagle, "heal your problems, your suffering, your broken wings with Love! Loving yourself as you are loved by Great Spirit. Seek higher ground on which to build your nest. The nest is the home of the heart."

Don't cower under your suffering. Embrace your suffering, your problems, as seeds being sown to take you to higher ground. You may believe you are in darkness and there is no way out. Maybe you forgot that there is a door in your darkness that is right next to you and you simply need to grab the doorknob and push your way out. Perhaps you just need to look up through your spiral of darkness and see that there is a light at the end of your tunnel!

Contrary does not mean opposite. It represents a state of imbalance, meaning you are too focused on your problems, too fixated on your suffering. Just know that in your state of imbalance, the corridor is never closed. You can always muster the energy to change your situation from misery to mercy.

Be merciful with yourself. Mistakes, problems, misery mean you are growing. Pain is only a symptom that you must make a change in your approach.

Suffering is on the other side of the same coin as happiness.

Don't reach for the pill, reach for your power.


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